How to lose weight! How much weight should I lose in order to be normal..

It is not you that is not normal, are those who make fun of you who are not normal in their head.

Sure, you have to lose a few kilos and acne is normal.

To lose a few kilos do not eat between meals, if you can not do, eating an apple and drinking. And during meals, eat normally, what you want but in reasonable quantities and especially favors fish, white meat, vegetables and fruit.

For the acne is going to see a dermatologist or a phamarcie will it look ta skin and advise you on the right products.

I worry very big kisses and for those who scoff, let them do, that’s their problem to them if they are bad is not yours.

Gros Gros and Kisses Good luck.

58 kg m to actually 1m58, you gotta lose some pods, this estce said you play sports?

Is that what you’ll pass a lot of time watching TV inHow to lose weight! How much weight

Eating sweets and sodas?

If so, then stirred up a little instead of crying but tell you

that if you want to have a nice figure, it is imperative

you father, Ndre in hand with the help of your parents, for example, or your best friend .Go luck!

I recommend you the book by Dr. Pierre Dukan “I do not know to lose weight.” It is a method based on protein, meat-based diet, fish, eggs, it is very easy to do and very effective, without fatigue. Talk to your doctor or your mom. I did and I lost the weight I had too. The book is in paperback “I read” it only costs € 6.

For those that annoy you in college, then consider them for what they are fools. Good luck.

you make fun ke just tell you people about you even if you’ll be pleased lean it find toujour a way to judge you, you c gen he auron toujour of something to say mm if its going well and for your weight I think you’re encor young to iron a diet does tinkete pa ta ke 13 years you will grow and grandisan you will lose weight May fe kan mm atention me oci I dan the same case ke you I fai 1m71 for 70 kilos and I have 2 year ke I have 15 years you.

Hello for your acne takes the facial cream base manuka honey it’s great it really works!

for your weight I advise you to follow a relatively easy diet goes on and you bought soup or cabbage gazpacho two are included with the free program slimdata in a week you will lose at least 3 kg + if you follow the diet for three weeks you lose 10 kg frankly the program is easy to follow and the box is not expensive, goes on and get the info product

Ss to test it work


what does it mean to be normal? it is important to be good about yourself and healthy.

A diet 13 years ago and it seems to me not very advisable, you’re growing!you risk doing you more harm than good! If you ask yourself questions about your weight and its evolution, consulted a doctor.

for your acne prbls, like see a doctor, but reassures you it goes with age …

it insults you? how can you give importance to what can say bad people and / or bad about themselves, trying to reassure himself by seeking the faults of others .. going your way, I reassure you also going on with the stupidity … age

to be beautiful, care of your look, carefully chosen outfits and your accessories

to make you feel good, do things that you like (school activities: sports, singing, creative leisure …) and surrounding yourself with people who share passions