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Lose Weight

Honestly, I would like your weight, lol I’m 80 but that is not the issue, I’m not black but I managed to lose 10 kg, this is what I do: I ‘ ate balanced and played sports, period! Already seen that African, I guess you eat a lot of stews, to avoid… Morning, bread with honey or compote home, tea, fruit… Lunch: vegetables, some starchy and white meat, or fish, red meat once or twice a week max. For dessert, yogurt with no sugar, fruit… Soir. Soup, a piece of bread with cheese, fruit and I allowed myself one or two of dark chocolate I think that we should not deprive ourselves, by the time I made adjustments and frankly I do not reprints! Pizzeria kind when you’re invited with friends, you will not deprive you of what… If I play sports, I enrolled in a room, but if you have no income you can very well do it at home, abs, your belly for it not hurt and company, jogging Lil (but good luck with the weather lol)

How the fact of being African can help us to help you lose weight? whatever be the nationnalité we’re all the same when we want to lose weight you have to eat less fat and less sugar and do sports!

Here is my method: – Eat balanced and varied while moisturizing are many -> Avoid snacking and do not skip meals – Playing sports (30 min per day) -> I recommend the elliptical – Avoid sources .stress, learn to relax -> I recommend including relaxation therapy is my slimming program FREE.

Cup sugar, dairy products, reduce your meat portions and eat lots of green vegetables. Mix lemon to your water twice a day (no sugar). A lot of water, no juice, no liquor, no coffee. And your system will eliminate the acidity that is largely responsible for weight gain. I lost 18 pounds in two months without exercise by that affordable method. The exercise will also help, but we must be motivated.

Yes, I have a tip for losing weight and especially belly déballonner: colon hydrotherapy. You lose belly in three sessions only. And after you eat less and better because the therapist gives you dietary advice that can not be found anywhere else, and which are specially tailored to your situation. You say you do 70 kilos, but what is your size?

How to lose weight? How much weight should I lose to be normal?

  • The first rule, do not eat between meals
  • Eat everything and a lot of vegetables at meals
  • Remove chips, fries, chocolate, candy; hamburgers, pizza, sugary soft drinks (Coke, Fanta, etc) -tu can eat one of these things once a week)
  • Drinking plenty of water or green tea without sugar
  • If you feel like something sweet, prefer fruit.
  • If you want to go to MacDonalds with your friends, prefer a salad and do not add too much mayonnaise.
  • Try to move a lot, swimming, walking, gym, bike, inline skate, take the stairs instead of the elevator…

That said, according to your weight and your height you are not so big, if you follow these tips and eat healthily, it will do good for your acne and you’ll lose weight. The key is to eat meals, otherwise, you risk to have a mad desire of a packet of crisps or bar Mars between meals. If you happen to still eat something you should not, do not feel guilty, and rebuke the right resolution to hold out the next day. So in summary, eat plenty of vegetables and fruit, drink plenty of water and limit fats (chips, chips) and sweets and move as much as possible. and avoid outlandish schemes that can be found everywhere, because with them you margaritas well on but as soon as you make a difference, you will resume double what you lost. At 13, you’re still growing and following these tips, you will come to have a beautiful silhouette like my neighbor who had the same problem as you and who now, at 17 years is not “big” at all. Good luck and good luck