Top Most 10 Diet That You have not Failed to Achieve your Goal

Top Most 10 Diet That You have not Failed to Achieve your Goal

Top ten diet plans Finding the right diet plan for your lifestyle and body can be an uphill task that may even end in frustration. To make the exercise easier, we have compiled the top ten diet plans as rated by a panel of health experts. For a diet to fit in this category, it must be nutritious, safe, easy to follow, protective against heart disease and diabetes as well as effective for losing excess weight. It has been reported that even celebrities use these diets to streamline their bodies and pattern their health along the normalcy curve.

The DASH Diet Plan

DASH is an acronym for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension. It is a diet endorsed by the U.S. government and is best for supporting heart health and controlling diabetes. The DASH diet plan aims to prevent and lower hypertension through foods rich in calcium, protein, potassium, and fiber. The intake of this diet is guided by publications from the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute which instruct the number of calories a person should take concerning their age and activity level. The guides also determine from which foods the calories should come. Salt intake is significantly reduced due to its effect on blood pressure.

TLC Diet Plan Plan

Created by the National Institutes of Health, the Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes (TLC) diet is an excellent formulation for promoting cardiovascular health. Experts in health matters describe it as a complete, healthy and safe diet. The main aim of the TLC diet plan is to cut down on the levels of bad cholesterol through the intake of low-fat foods and fibers. According to expert findings, this diet is capable of reducing bad (LDL) cholesterol by approximately 8 to 10 percent within six weeks. The foods that this diet advises against including those that contain saturated fats which increase the risk of stroke, heart attack and bumps up LDL cholesterol.

Mayo Clinic Diet Plan

This diet was developed by Mayo Clinic and is aimed at making healthy eating a lifestyle. It has favorably been rated for its safety, nutrition makeup and as a tool to fight diabetes. Also, this diet has been found to be moderately effective in fighting against weight gain. The Mayo Clinic diet plan is balanced and has acceptable levels of fat, proteins, and carbohydrates. Research findings indicate that this diet can help you shed 6 to 10 pounds within the first two weeks and thereafter 1 to 2 pounds each week until you attain your desired weight. The Mayo Clinic food pyramid will help you recalibrate your dietary habits; replacing the bad with good ones.

Mediterranean Diet Plan

This diet developed by Old ways lays emphasize on vegetables and other healthy foods. Experts have rated the Mediterranean Diet plan positively particularly due to its aim in combating weight gain, cancerous growths, diabetes, heart, and brain health. The interest in this diet was developed due to an observation that people living in regions bordering the Mediterranean Sea live longer and keep off a host of chronic diseases. It was discovered that their secret lied in the kind of diet they took which was low in red meat, saturated fat, sugar while high in nuts, produce and other healthful foods. To complement the diet, you should maintain an active lifestyle.

Weight Watchers Diet Plan

This easy to follow a diet is effective as a champion for both short and long term weight loss plans. It has also been rated as a safe and nutritionally sound diet. If you follow the Weight Watchers diet plan carefully, you will lose up to 2 pounds each week. This diet brings into the open other factors other than the counting calories that should be considered in dieting. It was developed in November 2010 and assigns a point value to every food with regards to its carbohydrate, protein, fiber and fat content. The advantage of this diet is that it allows you the flexibility to shape your diet.

Flexitarian Diet Plan

This diet emphasizes vegetables, fruits, plant-based proteins, and whole grains. It has exceptional nutrition content and it is easy to follow through. According to experts, the Flexitarian diet can easily be adopted as a plan for the entire family. The main focus of this diet is to help you attain optimal health and weight loss. Research findings indicate that people on this diet weigh up to 15 percent less, have a lower rate of cancer, diabetes, and heart disease compared to their carnivorous counterparts. It contains a lot of tasty recipes and an emphasis on home cooking.

Volumetric Diet Plan

The Volumetric diet pioneered by Barbara Rolls, a nutrition professor at Penn State University, has a positive effect on diabetes and heart health. Its main aim is to control weight gain and reports indicate that following this diet closely can make you drop 1 or 2 pounds each week. The Volumetric diet targets high volume but low-density foods that are low in calories. These foods make you feel satisfied and full while at the same time dropping pounds.

Jenny Craig Diet Plan

The Jenny Craig diet plan has been hailed for its nutritional completeness, safety and easy to follow plans. Its main focus is on weight loss and maintenance. With this diet, you can lose up to 2 pounds per week by restricting fat, calories, and portions. This diet contains prepackaged recipes and meals supported by personal consultants who guide members through their weight loss journey right from the first day. The consultants give you support and motivation while teaching you how much you should eat, the constituents of a balanced diet and how to integrate the dietary knowledge into your life after you graduate from the diet program. Jenny Craig’s diet ranges from 1200 – 2300 calories per day and is designed around your motivation level, fitness habits and current weight.

Biggest Loser Diet Plan

The Biggest Loser Diet plan has been specifically praised by experts for its safety and soundness as a diabetes regime and in attaining short term weight loss. The main focus of this diet is disease prevention or reversal as well as weight loss. According to the Big Loser Diet, six weeks of regular exercise and healthy food can help in preventing or reversing diabetes, lower the risk for dementia and Alzheimer’s as well as improving your heart health and immune system.

Ornish Diet Plan

Developed by Dean Ornish, University of California, San Francisco, professor of medicine, this is a safe, nutritionally sound and exceptionally heart-healthy diet. The Ornish Diet plan is flexible in that it can be tailored to preventing or reversing heart disease and diabetes conditions, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, control weight gain and prevent breast or prostate cancer.

Scientific research has proved this diet to be effective in making you live longer, feel better, gain health and lose weight. This diet categorizes food into five distinct groups from the most healthful to the least. It also stresses on aerobic exercises, flexibility and resistance training. Also, the Ornish Diet plan has a stress management program that includes yoga, meditation, and deep breathing.